Ferroli History

San Bonifacio (Verona) 1958. Five hundred natural gas fuelled boilers for council housing in Verona represented the first major order for the young company, Ferroli, run by the brothers, Dante, Leonardo and Luigi Ferroli.

Sons of Dante Ferroli, founder of the company bearing his name, avant-garde pioneer with an intuitive vision of future developments in the home and industrial heating market.It was uphill all the way, drawing on the experience of the Ferroli family from Italy's Friuli region with its great iron and copper working tradition. But it was Dante Ferroli alone who was destined to remain at the helm of what would later be defined as the "heat bank" par excellence.
It was hard at the beginning - the morning dedicated to sales, the afternoon - and often the night as well - to producing the boilers.
And it was thanks to his enthusiasm, tenacity and tireless spirit that the Ferroli name became rapidly known and appreciated everywhere. A desire for growth, sound technical foundations and the insight of Dante Ferroli did the rest.
The former San Bonifacio workshop was ready for the great turning point. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, that "workshop" covers over 100,000 sq m and is a true "headquarters of well-being" where all products for the four Ferroli divisions are designed and produced: Heating, Air Conditioning, Whirlpool Tubs and multi-function Shower Cubicles and Electric Motors.
The heating, air-conditioning and plumbing markets are in constant evolution - demanding, competitive, ever more concerned with environmental respect and energy savings. This is why the company adopted a targeted marketing policy, constantly investing capital and human resources in research and development of new, advanced and ever more flexible production technologies. And it didn't have to wait long for results.

Today, Ferroli S.p.A. offers a vast range of technologically advanced and safe products (ISO 9002 certification from the Dutch Gastec in 1993) with an excellent quality-price ratio, enabling them to compete with the best of European technology.
More than two million boilers sold in Europe, more than 1,700 employees, a streamlined sales organisation, an extensive network of service centres and constantly growing turnover.
These are just some of the facts and statistics making Ferroli S.p.A. a leader in the heating market.
 But the story… goes on...